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If every great piece of great graphic design tells a story, then every narrator of that story should have a few chronicles too. It’s chapter 3 of my story so far. I took the leap of faith to start my freelance design career in 2007, having worked in design agencies in Cambridge, London, Sydney and Oxford - the rest is design history.

Since then I have built up a loyal client base through word of mouth and frequent repeat business. I have a track record of delivering high-quality design work for the arts, culture, education, retail, technology and utilities sectors. Clients will say Garlic are passionate about encouraging audiences to engage and discover through key messages and striking design. Fast-forward to 2013 and I evolved the business into Totem Studios – a natural progression, underlining the growth of my agency.


Now as we bravely enter 2020, working in a post #Brexit Britain businesses will need to more adaptable than ever. Having spent many years helping businesses (over 3,000 projects completed) with their branding, I thought it was about time to give myself a bit of a makeover. So, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Totem Studios is now Garlic Agency.


Strong, fresh and punchy. Garlic is everything that great graphic design should be. A key ingredient in the marketing mix. I will be working between London and Istanbul (where East meets West) exploring new opportunities in my wife’s home town. Rest assured though, everything else remains the same. Same great design work, by the same designer. 


​I am committed to being ‘green’ and carbon footprint management is an important issue for all of us working in the design and print industry.  I always recommend our clients use paper sourced from well managed forests (FSC) and biodegradable inks wherever possible. Please consider the environment before printing any content from this website.

Design with flavour since 2007

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design with flavour since 2007.

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